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Many stories have come into picture about the development of unisex style. Some say that this style first came into existence in sixties and seventies of 20th century. Chaos and irrationalism was at peak when the punks changed it all. The fashion designers only reflected trends of "street fashion". With the end of all this confusion women were seen wearing jeans and trousers. Later on slim girls with short hair cut became popular. Then women were given higher positions in the corporate world which made women to switch on to yet another style, the business suits of men alongwith the ties. This was how a new woman was born with new social roles. Unisex style was first time at peak in nineties of the twentieth century when Calvin Klein designed the clothes including shabby sweaters, one piece suits of light colors and wide jeans for teenagers which were meant both for the boys and the girls. This was the time when unisex style became popular all over the world.

The unisex style has bridged the gap between males and females and it would not be wrong to say that this style has created a new "middle gender". The clothes of unisex style are in great demand today because these are practical, democratic and comfortable. According to the modern designers, unisex style is the style of future due to the fact that people started to choose simple and comfortable clothing. Infact many designers and brands have also launched womenswear for men. Thus it is evident that unisex style in modern fashion promotes homogeneity.

Unisex style in not only well accepted in fashion but also it is quiet popular in perfumery. New haircuts were proposed and the hairdressers switched on to short haircuts for girls and long hair for boys from the traditional ones for both the sexes. Also make-up does not go well with unisex style. Both the common men and royalties accepted this style fairly well. Also unisex style is adopted in glasses for men and women. There is an extensive collection of frames that fits all fashion appetite well.

Also unisex collection is available in footwear to make your shoe selection down to earth. At times girls want a change from those fancy heels or http://leopinionireali.it flats, so women and men are now equally equipped with a diverse repertoire of shoe styles which are really fascinating. Most of the designs are menswear-inspired soles meant for women.

If the unisex style is carried off well and incorporated well into the outfits then the outcome is outrageously delicious.

New Phenomenon Composite rubies are sold all over the world and the difference is not evident when using the naked eye. But once you put the composite under the microscope, the results are quite dramatic. One of the starkest things you see when looking at a composite ruby is that its sometimes contains air bubbles that have been trapped in the glass during manufacture. Dangers In today's article, we will give you a short introduction on how rubies are mined and the process involved. The main methods of mining rubies are placer, underground mining and hydraulic mining; the method depends on how deep into the earth the rubies are situated. There are other methods which we will also briefly touch upon. Placer Method of Mining The placer method is also known as river panning and involves collecting the gemstones whilst washing away gravel from a river. creek or stream; an obvious pre-requisite of this is identifying the gravel which could possibly contain the rubies. A large pan is filled with water and then it is shaken back and forth to ensure the heavy materials fall to the bottom of the pan; this is repeated until there is a small amount of concentrate left in the pan. Then this concentrate is moved to a smaller pan to see if there are any gems. Hydraulic Mining In hydraulic mining, very powerful jets of water are used to loosen the gems from the rocks. The water splits the rocks and washes large pieces downhill; this causes the gems to be separated.

Due to its harmful effects on the natural environment, this type of mining is not used now. Mountaintop Removal Mining This method entails cleaning the mountaintop at the ground level by cutting down trees and shrubs. Dynamite is then used to blast the top of the mountain; the resulting large rocks are then scoured for the gemstones. Underground Mining This method of mining is used as an alternative to surface mining, which is often not possible. This is the most common way of finding gemstones, and involves miners digging underground until they find gemstones. The main forms of underground mining are: Borehole Mining Holes are drilled very deep inside the land using very large bore drills. Then a plastic tube is passed through the hole, water is then pushed through this tube at very high speeds. This water breaks the rocks and forms muddy slurry, which is stored in tankers. The water is then separated from the slurry to leave gemstones. Drift Mining Drift mining is performed on the mountains and entails first identifying rocks which are below the side of the mountain. The opening s created are called tunnels, and the gemstones are derived from the materials that come through the tunnels down from the hills.

Shaft Mining Vertical tunnels called shafts are created below the mountain when shaft mining is used. Miners move up and down one of the shafts and another shaft is used for bringing the material from below the ground. More tunnels are made for blasting the rocks and the gems are found from amongst the rocks. Summary In most of the mining methods we have discussed, rocks are broken down into small or medium chunks using explosives such as dynamite. These rocks are then processed to extract the gemstones. Once you have the raw gemstone, it can be cleaned, cut and polished to produce the finished article.